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The Prozac Bunny… Still Going

I’m still on a bit of a Prozac high… plus slightly ADD and rather irritable. The two people sat next to me in the computer cluster are discussing their latest problem sheet at very high volume. Is it really necessary to shout at someone sitting right next to you? I certainly don’t think it makes the maths any easier. Unless someone gives you the answer just to get you to shut up… (must… resist… urge…)

Diazepam is not having a lot of effect on my sleep, unfortunately. I got about 7 hours last night, but only because I accidentally took twice the dose. It’s definately helping the agitation and hyperactivity though, as are some walks when I get the itch to do something active. Rain or shine, coat or no coat, umbrella or no umbrella, I’ll be out there taking the chance to work my excess energy off for ten minutes or so. It’s quite amusing really, as I’m such a lazy person at heart.

I’ve made another appointment to see my personal tutor… hopefully it won’t be too awkward. I’m not sure if there’s much she or the university can do, but I may as well keep her updated with what’s been going on – I learnt the importance of leaving trails of documentation about my problems behind me last year. Part of me feels like I should just shut up and get on with it, that I can pull it all off with no help, but I know that’s unrealistic. At the same time, I’m not sure if I really am going through anything more than other students are coping with.

I’m supposed to start the citalopram tomorrow, but I think I might leave it till Monday. Does anyone know when you’re supposed to take it? Is it a morning one like Prozac?

Oh, and (being realistic again) next week the shit hits the fan. I’ll be seeing the chocolate teapot, my worker, my dissertation supervisor, and I’ve got an insane amount of work to do.

I think Larry Norman puts it very well…

People stop to watch me,
Wonder what I’m doing,
What direction I’m pursuing.
I pretend I’m free,
But actually I’m..

Walking backwards down the stairs,
Trying to get higher.
How can I get anywhere,
Walking backwards down the stairs?


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Chouette 0, Prozac 1

And a bonus point for the prophetic Lola

Apologies for SHM’s short hiatus (for those of you who noticed). Things were a bit stormy around Castle Chouette, so I decided to batten down the hatches and keep them down until the storms had passed. IMO the only thing worse than going mental is going mental in full view of the Internet…

So, I’m off the Prozac. For now I’m on diazepam to bring me down a little, then I start citalopram next week, initially at quite a low dosage. The doc I saw did want to put me back on Mirtazzy, but I said no, so citalopram it is.

It remains to be seen what the chocolate teapot will say.

At the moment I’m still slightly hypomanic, and loving it. The diazepam hasn’t brought me all the way down, it’s just taken the edge off it and brought me back down into touch with the rest of the world… which is good, because otherwise I would have been robbed of this.

So, my only problem now is… I can’t think of a cute nickname for citalopram.

Any suggestions? 😀

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