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Why I’m Switching GP… (well, partly)

A transcript of today’s appointment:

*I walk in the door and sit down*

Him: Hello.

Me: Hi.

*a few minutes pass while he continues filling in a rather lengthly form, then he puts that aside and pulls up my records*

Him: Laura…

Me: No.

*confused look from my GP*

Me: Did you just say “Laura”?

Him: Yes.

Me: Well, I’m not Laura…

*another confused look. He turns back to his computer screen*

Him: Chouette?

Me: Yes!

*He pulls up my records on the screen*

Him: You saw R (my MHP) this week.

Me: No…

Him: …last week?

Me: No…

*looks more closely at screen*

Him: 4th August?

Me: Yes!

<cut some uninteresting stuff about my wanting another prescription of Mirtazapine, he offering to put it up to 30mg, and my refusing>

*I take the proffered green slip, thank him, and move towards the door, then stop in my tracks*

Me: There’s just one problem…

Him: ?

Me, baffled: This isn’t my address.

Him: Then you must have moved.

*I’m slightly taken aback by his assuredness, and double check the address just in case I had moved and had somehow forgotten about it(!)*

Me: No. I’ve never even heard of it…


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