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My body is here, but my mind is not. It keeps slipping back to a middling-large house in the countryside, filled to the gills with family, friends, and a cat.

I keep wondering… what are they doing now? How are they? Who do they have over at the moment?

I know that all I have to do to return is to ring them up and ask.

“We want you to feel you always have a home here”, they said. “Come down any time… well, when we’re here ourselves!”, they said.

To be honest, I’m so lonely at the moment that it is increasingly difficult not to make that ‘phone call. The contrast between the echoingly empty campuses and busy days in “Zion” is growing. People to see, children to look after, hungry hordes to feed. But there, not here.

And yet here is the paradox: if it were home, I would call this homesickness.

But it is not home.

Home is here, or with my parents.

Not there.

However much I might wish it was.


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