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The Weather Is Moping Too..

My second dose of Mitazzy last night had me crawling up the walls with agitation about an hour after I took it – the OT lady from the Crisis Team seemed unconcerned, so I’m still going to have to take a dose tonight. Really not looking forward to it, I’m somewhat bothered about the possibility of the same thing happening tonight… and of wearing out the carpet from the continual pacing. I still feel a bit irritably twitchy and strange… up and down at the same time (but mostly down).

It’s all a little strange. In the past five days, I’ve seen:

  • 1 psychiatrist
  • 2 psych nurses
  • 1 OT (three times on three separate days)

I realise that these things are probably old hat to those of you who are bipolar/otherwise Mentally Interesting, but we unipolar types don’t normally get to see them, especially in Big-Smoke type places where the CMHTs are busy with the aforementioned manic depressives, schizophrenics, and whatnots. It’s a whole bunch of concepts that have suddenly come down from the blogosphere and landed in my living room (except for the psychiatrist, I saw him at the local hospital). Of course, once I get used to it they’ll wind up discharging me… but that’s life.

On a different note: why is it so cold and rainy? Going out in this muck would depress anyone! Would someone please wake Mr Summer up, and tell him he’s overslept?

EDIT: One of the nurses from the Crisis Team rang – he thinks it was anxiety, and unlikely to happen again, which lets the mitazapine off the hook. He did suggest I discuss it in more detail tomorrow with them though *shrugs*


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