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It Turns Out That…

… stress brings confusing events, confusing thoughts.

I watched a very interesting program on 4oD – it’s viewable on Youtube from within the UK.

It followed two children with OCD through a course of therapy with a child psychologist (who was incidentally, quite cute). One of the children experienced his OCD as a little man in his head, called Idiota, who told him to do things, and one of his fears was that if he went near knives Idiota would make him stab himself in the head.

I noted that when this was shown, the psychologist reassured the parents that people develop those sorts of fears around things that they feel repulsed by, and therefore he was very unlikely to act on any of his fears.

If that’s true… then why do I still have the marks on my arm from the last time the thoughts were this strong? 😕


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Most Banal Thing You’ve Ever Freaked Out Over?

Midsomer Murders on the TV in a waiting room.

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I passed.

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Every season returns in turn


Early sunset.


Bad memories.


Wish I could run away.

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