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Yes, it’s official, I’m no longer a psychiatric outpatient. My worker at YP-place is… well… stunned. I’m being fairly practical about it though – there was no longer any clinical need for me to see them.

I think, however, that this may have some knock on effects. It’s a bit of a surprise to go from my (temporary) care-co, who thinks I’m still fairly low, and has been discussing such riveting things as CPA and individual budgets with me, to being told by my psych that I’m “a lot better” and “should look for work” – well there goes my nascent ESA claim down the pan then…

I am slightly perturbed by the fact that it’s a good thing (apparently) that I haven’t had any panic attacks recently. As far as I’m aware I’ve never had a panic attack, unless having one while slipping halfway down a cliff-face and dangling on a single safety rope counts. Even then I stopped panicking once someone had sorted my ropes out and I was able to climb down. Perhaps I should also celebrate the continuing existence of all four limbs and my sense of smell?

I’m also not sure where my priorities should lie now – originally I was planning to claim some benefits while I worked on getting into a routine where I eat, sleep and have clean clothes every day, plus getting out of the flat a bit more… but apparently being economically active should be my first priority, and a step towards curing me.

Hmmm, I’m not sure, but I suppose it’s feasible that if I force myself into a part-time job that everything else will fall into place again.

Now all I need to do is find a job advert looking for a confused, slighty malnourished and rather pongy mentalist!


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Shock News

My GP has retired.

Not sure how long ago she did that, as it’s quite some time since I last saw her, but I’m actually kinda glad.

Fresh starts are goooooooooooood.

Also, wondering if this is news to Coloured Mind as well.

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